Catherine Pancheri

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #117795

LGBTQ+ Couples Therapy That Works

Transform Your Relationship 


Communicate Better, Argue Less And Stop Feeling Stuck In The Same Patterns


I am an affirmative therapist, that is proud to support the LGBTQ+ communities.

An Affirmative therapist does not simply mean being open-minded it means that I understand, first-hand, how there are multiple oppressions affecting you as a LGBTQIA+ person and how that can impact us and our relationships both on a conscious and unconscious level.

As an Affirmative therapist there is no need to wonder about homophobic, transphobic, biphobic or misogynist behavior happening in session, you can feel comfortable knowing you are in a safe, and accepting space.

I’m tired of fighting! It’s impossible for us to communicate!

Has your relationship has gotten stuck in an endless cycle of conflict, blame and confusion leaving you both disheartened and with unmet needs?

It doesn’t matter how large or insignificant the topic, getting caught in your cycle of conflict often ends in feeling frustrated and disconnected.

Let’s create a healthy, happy relationship.

By identifying and STOPPING the painful patterns in your relationship, you can reclaim the joy and passion you felt at the beginning.

Through our work together you will develop the skills and strategies that can make your relationship a source of safety, support and happiness.

A Method with Proven Results

I work with couples using Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). EFT earned the American Psychological Association (APA) gold standard as the most effective evidenced-based couples therapy approach currently in the field.

Imagine a relationship where you are excited for the future.

The biggest mistake couples make is putting off getting help. Waiting often increases underlying issues and feelings of anger and resentment. Let’s start to grow closer instead of farther apart.

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Supervised by Stephanie Macadaan, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #88613

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