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Stephanie Macadaan, LMFT

Create Your Best Relationships

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Therapist offering individual counseling in Los Angeles, CA

“Hi, I’m Stephanie, I’m glad you are here. My website will help you learn about working with me, feel free to contact me to talk more about how I can help you.”  

Effective Couples and Individual Counseling

Los Angeles, CA

Are you trying to determine the future of your relationship, find a connection with your partner again, or trying to get your feet back on the ground and heal from a break-up? I am an experienced Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist providing couples and individual counseling in Los Angeles, CA. I have many years of experience helping people just like you to find happiness again.

My office is a safe place to openly delve into your struggles and to help you feel heard and understood with empathy and compassion. My caring, and insightful support, combined with your commitment to honest exploration and change, can deliver inner peace and strengthened relationships. Why wait? Feel good again.

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Stephanie Macadaan, LMFT

2 minute tip: Your "ruby slippers"

Let’s Work Together

Why see a therapist? Because you are ready to change your life. You know that you do not need to suffer with symptoms that interfere with your relationships, work and sense of happiness.

We are often unconsciously drawn to familiar situations. Past events and relationships have affected us and draw us into situations where we repeat thoughts, feelings and behaviors that are often not in our best interests.

My commitment is to help you understand and resolve your challenges so you can improve your life and achieve overall well being. We will work together to make sense of your thoughts, feelings, memories, present events and whatever you are experiencing. Often sharing a painful experience, with someone you trust, can start the process of healing. We work together to understand and change patterns and behaviors that  interfere with your personal goals and dreams.

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Creating your best relationships is key to living the life you want, so I’d love to share my favorite top “10 Ways” to do just that with you.Click here to download my guide!
Begin to heal the past and move on to a happier future!